"I have no dream"

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"I have no dream"
She was born in a village. When she was only 9 years old she got married to an older man who had another faith. She had to change her religion. When her husband died, someone forced her go to the big city and become a sexworker. Now she is one of many that belongs to a brothel and it is not pssible for her to leave.
Today she is HIV-positive. On an average day she has five costumers, weekend or holidays 12-15. Most of her customers do not want to use a condom. She is working 7 days per week and her monthly salary is $40.
Underneath the pillow, on the bed where she works, she has a photograph of her young son that she has left in her home village.
"I have no dream" she says and looks down on the floor.
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